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The Soap Tribune, Issue #002--soap in the kitchen
November 25, 2020

Soap in the kitchen

As we head into the darkest time of year, here in the North Eastern US, we nest, cook, eat and celebrate. Usually we do all of this celebrating with lots of people, at lots of gatherings, in many places. This year, most of us are focusing on home, family, and our nucleus.

Here's how I use soap in the kitchen. Kitchen soap

Ithaca Farmers Market

Andy is going to The Ithaca Farmers Market this Sat. 11/28/20. The market is hosting a contest.

Read the contest rules, enter, and win free stuff. Details are here hand soap news

Coupon for Farmers Market only

Since everyone who orders on our website has two 15% off coupons, we are offering a 15% off coupon specifically for those who go to market. It is good only Sat. 11/28/20 from 10-2pm, on purchases of $50.00 or more. See you there.

Rutabaga Curl 12/19/20

If you've never curled, this is usually a game played on ice with these tea kettle looking pucks, that you slide in an attempt to hit a target in a concentric circle court. Sort of like shuffleboard or bowling.

We, at The Ithaca Farmers Market's International Rutabaga Curl, have an agricultural twist and play with regulation rutabagas. These are grown specifically for the game. You can come as your own hand picked team, a protester, a cheerleader, a single player, a spectator.

Dress in costume, sporting attire, headdress. Whatever strikes you as appropriate for the player you wish to be. This is another occasion where masks can be fun.

We have had teams travel from the other side of the world to play and been featured on NPR's "It's only a Game"

Dress for the cold temps. This is a winter sport. Our court is in the market pavilion. I have no idea how things will play out this year, but usually there's a fire to warm your hands, and venders feature hot cider and hot chocolate, and rutabaga treats.

All ages welcome. Prizes. Lots of laughing. Rutabaga Curl

Did you notice that you can get two 15% off coupons? One at and one you received when you signed up for this newsletter.

Take advantage until I figure out how to connect the 2...They do not expire and you can only receive 1 discount per order. They are only good for web orders.

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