Kitchen Soap

Gifts from the chicks

I cook a lot. Sometimes I get fancy. Good kitchen soap is important. It needs to work well at washing dishes, my hands, and the food. I don't have time or patience for irritating kitchen soap that smells like something unrelated to the food, and works poorly. 

One Saturday, after Andy came home from market, I made blintzes with our home grown eggs, and savory fillings.

These eggs are gifts from my chickens. Each one comes with a protective wax coating on them, called the bloom, which protects the egg and the potential chick inside from bacteria. It also enables the eggs to be stored at room temperature. For now, we put them in the fridge with the bloom in tact, since we have limited counter space in the cottage we built. Eventually, we will have proper showcase storage, mostly because we get great joy looking at them. Theoretically this will also retain the best flavor. 

I wash each egg in the kitchen with soap and water to, right before cracking it open. It removes any dirt that could potentially contaminate the egg as it is removed from the shell.  This small extra step controls the potential spread of disease.

Read more about the bloom on raising happy chickens.

I wash everything

Good kitchen soap is essential. It needs to clean well, rinse off well, and not pollute my home with synthetic, toxic fumes. I wash everything; vegetables and countertops with the Waterless Hand Soap. I even have a bottle that I keep in the car, to spray vegetables and packaged goods I pick up at the store, before I bring them into my house. 

For washing dishes, eggs, and root vegetables I use our Liquid Soap Bar Concentrate. 1 bar dilutes to 32 oz. (1 quart) of our liquid hand soap refill. For dilute at home instructions, click here

Good kitchen soap cuts grease

Sparkling clean dishes, free from a detergent smell or aftertaste, are an essential component of good kitchen soap and a healthy kitchen. The suds have the important function of collecting excess dirt and grease. This is what makes natural soap work.

At this point in history, we have moved from eating out to eating in, even if we bring in prepared food. Enjoy being home and in your kitchen. Make it a comfortable, happy place to feed you and your family. Get creative. Cook a lot, enjoy as much local bounty as possible. A healthy kitchen is a place to grow ideas to make a better world.

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soap and money

How much soap money does a shower cost you?

Let's say you spend $3.00 on a bar of soap and it lasts for 7 days of showers. That's $.43 per shower. 

For your next bar of soap, you spend $8.50. That seems like a lot of money, except it lasts for 8 weeks or 56 showers. That's $.15 cents per shower. F.Y.I.: One bar lasts me and Andy 6 weeks of daily showers - 84 showers.

Good soap is cost effective. More