License Instant Liquid Soap

License Instant Liquid Soap and work with us to change the way liquid soap is manufactured.

How Instant Liquid Soap came into being:

Three years ago, we were faced with a problem. The plastic bottles we were using to package our liquid soap became unavailable and the supply unreliable. In that moment, we realized that we had an opportunity to solve an unmet environmental challenge through the relevant, practical, operational solution of eliminating the need of a plastic bottle. 

We are now producing and selling a patented natural liquid soap product that is packaged dry. The end user dilutes it and decants the liquid soap into their own dispenser, then composts the package. This leaves water in place, instead of shipping it around the world and requires the end user to reuse their own container. Our customers love that they can participate in the eco friendly aspects of what we are currently calling Instant Liquid Soap. (Just add water.)

This is phase III of our Instant Liquid Soap in solid form. The end user fills the compostable bag to dilute. Pour into a reusable dispenser.

License Instant Liquid Soap to initiate industry changes

It seems as if you're taking your business to the plastic free future by 2025. What are you doing for liquid soap products?  Whether you need to private label, purchase wholesale or license our Instant Liquid Soap, we have the solution.

bathroom floor 2One soap is so versatile. Hand wash dishes, fruit and vegetable wash, and so much more

3 reasons to license Instant Liquid Soap

3 reasons post

Be ahead of the curve

Ithaca Soap has developed and patented the Instant Liquid Soap product and process. This is a game changer for how natural liquid soap, aka Castile soap, is delivered to the end user. By eliminating single use plastic bottles and water redistribution from the equation, we are encouraging all sectors of the supply chain to get on board. 

By licensing the Instant Liquid soap under your brand, you can lead the way to a better liquid soap future.

Try it and see

Order your Liquid Soap In Solid Form sample here.

Samples are shipped with in 1-3 days.

Packaging made simple

Instant Liquid Soap can be packaged in a variety of carbon neutral materials, such as paperboard boxes, or even paper bags, since there is no need for a plastic waterproof seal. Our plant plastic lined paper sack holds water for a few hours, before it begins the composting process.

The end user simply adds water to the dry soap in the bag and waits a few minutes. The soap dilutes into a sudsy, moisturizing, oil based, biodegradable, plant based (vegan), non toxic, hypoallergenic, organic liquid soap. It easily decants into a reusable forever soap dispenser or a plastic bottle headed for the recycling bin.

The package can be tossed into the compost or paper recycling bin. The bags in our personal compost pile turned into biochar in about 10 weeks and was completely composted and put in the garden at around 20 weeks.

When you license Instant Liquid Soap, we can discuss our innovative, cost conscious ways of eco-friendly packaging materials. On a micro level, these eco-friendly packaging materials can be cost prohibitive, but at scale, the costs will be nominal.

Save money, space, and time

This soap can be dissolved into a variety of derivative products that cover a wide range of personal care, household, pet, farm, food service, and institutional cleaning products.  It even makes a very effective bicycle, motorcycle and car wash and lubricant.

Everyone benefits along the way: 

  • Manufacturers reduce energy and water usage while producing the liquid soap. 
  • Distributers save on fuel costs, as ship weights have been reduced by 80%, transport space has been reduced by 50%, and breakage is almost completely eliminated. 
  • Wholesalers reduce labor and warehousing costs by moving larger volumes in smaller and lighter packages.
  • Retailers maintain and likely increase sales volume of product as the already unwanted plastic bottles become less available.
  • Consumers not only save by purchasing more soap for less money, but also become part of the value added process by diluting in their own container.
  • Ecologically The Instant Liquid Soap leaves the water in its locale, keeping local ecosystems intact.

A product that truly works

ILS  H2O filled pouchThe current paper pouch filled with 32 oz. of water, waiting for soap to magically change into liquid Castile Soap
Soapy canning jarsSimply fill the bag to the label top. Gently stir and wait a few minutes. Form a spout with the bag and decant into your own liquid soap dispenser. Wash more dishes with less soap. It's a win win for everyone involved.

Loved by our customers

We have conducted our own in-house quality control testing, producing excellent results. Since we have been manufacturing soap for our own retail business since 1999, our loyal long time and new customers have been using the Instant Liquid Soap through its development stages up to now. They love it.

Contact us today to join us in getting liquid soap to your customers. The time for liquid soap to be plastic free is now. 

The competition 

There are synthetic detergent products being sold in tablet form.

Liquid soap gel concentrates are being sold in plastic bottles and pouches.

Some soap gels are packaged in polypropylene plastic coated paperboard packages, as plastic free.

There are laundry soaps and detergents impregnated into micro-plastic sheets, marketed as carbon neutral, and give the appearance to decompose, but in fact they only break down into microscopic pieces, filling up our oceans.

Some companies promote plastic bottle recycling. Instead of reducing plastic waste, the waste has been transferred to air pollution off gassed during the recycling process. 

If you are reading this and are one of these businesses, please contact us right away. You can easily solve your business challenges by working together towards a brighter simpler future in the world of liquid soap.

Ithaca Soap's Instant Liquid Soap is the only dry saponified oil based liquid soap on the market.

Our patent was granted with no office actions. A 1 in 100 occurrence. This speaks to a universal need across the many industries.

Lots of suds for hand washing dishes. One squirt of Instant Liquid Soap on a sponge washes many dishes before needing to be replenished

Zero Waste Leader

The multifaceted opportunities that come with licensing the Instant Liquid Soap process, include storage and shipping advantages that reduce costs immensely across many industries.

If a private labeled brand or manufacturer chooses, the Instant Liquid Soap can be slightly modified and sold as a variety of personal care, household and business cleaning products, in various forms, in different store departments, in different packages.

The goal is to make it easy for the end user to move from a plethora of plastic filled cleaning fluids throughout their houses and businesses, to a few paper sacks weighed out for different cleaning solutions. For the forward thinking end users, a bulk package with different dilute ratios right on the package, further reduces waste and space. 

The spirit of cooperation this product provides, from the manufacturer through to the end user, is the key to the future. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. Let's create the future.

This is how we sell it now

Instant Liquid Soap Scents: Lavender, Lemongrass Peppermint, Patchouli, Unscented, custom scent

Ingredients: Saponified organic coconut oil, 100% water processed essential oils.

Instant Liquid Soap is a simple concept. Just add water. Gently stir. Use. This process will become even easier to do, once it is sold in its final concept format. Contact us to be the first to bring that final concept to the marketplace and get a quote.

Read more here about why soap is best.

Get the ball rolling

Try some and see for yourself. Great soap that is a pleasure to use at a competitive price. Serious inquiries only, please. Contact us here

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Good, all natural bar soap is an essential as a whole body soap wash. It's economical, luxurious, and effective. When selecting a bar of soap, look for simple ingredients with pleasing essential oil aromas and lots of sudsy lather. Sudsing all the way down to a sliver, over 3-4 months of daily use, is key in good bar soap. Try Ithaca Soap   

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Just Add Water

ILS Story Board fullMake Liquid Soap at home. Save your hands from harmful dish washing soaps and liquids. Get some here.

Instant Liquid Soap is liquid soap, sold in a paper bag.  The soap is sold dry. The end user adds water to turn it into true liquid Castile soap. This saves ship weight, space, and the environment. Water stays where it belongs.

This creation is patented and available for private label and license. Let's work together.

Contact us to discuss your options.

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