Natural Shampoo Bar

What is a shampoo bar? A natural shampoo bar is a bar soap, formulated for for hair. The best shampoo bar will gently clean your hair while making it shine.

olive-oil.jpegThis is the same olive oil you would eat
oo_bar.jpegA shampoo bar is saponified olive oil, especially formulated for hair

Ithaca Soap Olive Oil Shampoo Bar is specially formulated to be effective and gentle at the same time. Lather, especially in a shampoo bar, is very important.

Hair is exposed to the elements, collecting dirt, debris (including scalp flakes), and excess oils. Lather has the function of collecting all of that microscopic dirt and debris, and gets rinsed off, leaving your squeaky clean.

Each bar is packed in eco friendly packaging materials made from pre-consumer recycled factory waste, that is biodegradable. Zero waste, no plastic bottle to contend with. And it's alcohol-free and SLS free.

This is a hard, solid bar of soap. It's harder than our regular coconut oil bars of soap. The lather has smaller bubbles. I LOVE this bar!

 It took me a long time to wrap my head around the idea of rubbing something hard on my head to wash my hair. Especially our Olive Oil Shampoo Bar, because it's a nice, hard bar of soap. One day the concept clicked.

There are several steps to redesigning a product, so this was no different. The 1st thing I had to do was sell the concept to Andy, since he makes the product test batches according to my specs. Plus olive oil has a different fatty acid chain, so it's a slightly different soap making method.

How to use shampoo bars

How to use shampoo bars is slightly different to washing your hair with commercial surfactant shampoos.

If you've been using conditioner or shampoo with lots of ingredients, it is a good idea  to give your hair a gentle cleanse with an apple cider vinegar rinse prior to shampooing with a natural shampoo bar. 

A natural shampoo bar, should be non-caustic Castille soap. A properly formulated olive oil shampoo bar will leave your hair very soft and full bodied. 

Do not oil hair prior to washing for this 1st time. Do not use conditioner or other hair care products. They may contain artificial ingredients that remain on your hair, causing our gentle shampoo to struggle to get it off. Once you use a natural shampoo bar, you will have truly clean hair, less hair loss and 2-3 times faster dry time. Wash hair once or twice per shampooing. That's it. Save money and hot water.

More shampooing methods below. Pick the best one for you.

Please note that Ithaca Soap's natural shampoo bar does not contain any preservatives.

shampoo-head.jpegThe lather from a natural shampoo bar will collect excess oil and dirt from your hair, and will rinse off, giving your hair shine and sparkle.

Andy's shampoo method

Andy and I wash our hair differently. Here are the 2 (3...since my method has a variation) methods.

Andy's method: Get in the shower and get your hair completely wet. Take the shampoo bar and gently rub it on your hair and scalp. Lather up! Rinse and repeat. Then take a little bit of apple cider vinegar and sprinkle on your finger tips and evenly distribute through your wet hair. Rinse.

Wendy's shampoo method

My method: My hair is long again (more than 1/2 way down my back), so this takes about 5 minutes. Before I get in the shower, I sprinkle a little with olive oil on my finger tips and apply it to the tips of my hair. I gently rub it in. I repeat the process until I have put olive oil all over my hair. It's not a lot. Your hair should not be dripping with oil, or even look overly greasy. I also am careful to only apply it to my hair and not my scalp. Some may get on my scalp, but I take care to not put any there. 

Dry Hair Variation: This is for dry hair. If your hair is dry, sprinkle a little apple cider vinegar on your finger tips and gently and evenly distribute it throughout my hair, before I apply the olive oil.

Right after I apply the oil, I get in the shower and wet my hair thoroughly. Take the shampoo bar and rub it down my hair, from the scalp to the ends, on the top layer and the underside layer. Rub a little on the top of my head and wash.

(With the vinegar and oil treatment, the 1st wash will not produce much lather. Rinse well, and reapply the shampoo bar, for a 2nd wash.)

Wash hair twice

Since I've been conditioning my hair with LiXTiK Beeswax Lip balm, I prefer to wash my hair twice.

The 1st wash removes all of the oil and lip balm conditioner, and may not lather up much, if at all. The 2nd wash should produce a fabulous lather.

Lather up!

Wash hair twice. Oil hair or apply LiXTiK Beeswax Lip Balm for an excellent conditioner. Rinse and towel dry. Your hair will be full bodied with natural bounce.

Add extra volume and bounce to your hair with the best long hair conditioner. Click here. It works on short hair too!

Olive Oil Shampoo Bar and Red clay aka rhassoul clay 

Add a little extra volume and softness with Rassoul Moroccan red clay. It is rich in magnesium and potassium, with a negative charge. As it washes your hair, it will pull out positively charged toxins, leaving your hair soft and very shiny.


  • Wet your hair fully. Lather up with the Olive Oil Shampoo Bar. Wash hair thoroughly. Rinse.
  • Dissolve a 1/4 teaspoon of rhassoul clay in 1/2 cup of water. My hair is long, so adjust how much you put on your hair accordingly. Pour the dissolved clay on your hair, and "wash" your hair. Rinse it off.
  • Shampoo again with the olive oil shampoo bar.
  • Apply a small amount of LiXTiK Lip Balm, by rubbing it on your wet fingertips and evenly distributing it, making sure to get the ends. 
  • Complete your shower routine and let the hot water run through your hair to further distribute the lip balm.
  • Towel dry and crimp (if you have even the slightest amount of wave).
red clay 1This is red Rassoul clay.
red clay 2Diluted red Rassoul clay

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Good, all natural bar soap is an essential as a whole body soap wash. It's economical, luxurious, and effective. When selecting a bar of soap, look for simple ingredients with pleasing essential oil aromas and lots of sudsy lather. Sudsing all the way down to a sliver, over 3-4 months of daily use, is key in good bar soap. Try Ithaca Soap   

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