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The Soap Tribune, Issue #116--Patchouli Instant Liquid Soap
June 02, 2022

Patchouli Instant Liquid Soap

Andy's been hard at work in the soap factory and Patchouli Instant Liquid Soap is finally back in stock. You can get some at the link below

Instant Liquid Soap Patchouli

30% off Waterless Hand Soap

We are sold out of the 2 oz. Waterless Hand Soap. There are still a few 8 oz. and 16 oz.

Wash your hands with soap and water anywhere, especially when you are not near running water.

30% off while supplies last

Save your bottles to make refills

WHS 8 oz.

Waterless Hand Soap 16 oz.

How to clean your hair brush

Cleaning your hair brush is something you should do every 1-2 weeks.

Clean your hair brush with delicious smelling Instant Liquid soap. It kills bacteria lurking in your hair brush bristles, and will smell divine. Then when you brush your hair, a teeny tiny bit of that scent will be on your hair like a breath of fresh air (unscented), a bouquet of fresh flowers (Lavender), earthly deliciousness (Patchouli) fresh sweetness (Peppermint), lemongrass.

Read about how to clean your hairbrush by clicking the link below


Small business rocks!

Menla Mountain Retreat is a great escape to the Catskill Mountains. Plus, all of the soap throughout the whole retreat is our Instant Liquid Soap. Take a break from your busy life, get a massage, eat the local food that they grow. It's a beautiful place. If you need a little excitement you can go to Woodstock, which is the next town.



Ithaca Farmers Market

You can always find us at The Ithaca Farmers Market in Booth 6

Ithaca farmers Market hours:

Saturday's Hours: from 9-3 the 1st Sat. in April through Oct. Sunday's Hours: 10-3pm. May through the last Sunday in Oct.

November's Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10-2pm December's Hours: Saturdays 10-2 til Dec. 17th (the Rutabaga Curl)



Since shipping is out of our hands, I have adjusted our free shipping offer to keep up with the changing times.

Because you are Soap Tribune Subscribers, you have a free shipping coupon for orders of $75.00 or more.

Simply copy and paste the coupon code in the shopping cart. This is the code "freeshippingtribune"

I apologize for this extra step in the checkout process.

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