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Retail Locations

Find Ithaca Soap and LiXTiK Beeswax Lip balm in stores near you on your travels. Bring earth friendly, biodegradable personal care with you while you're hiking, white water rafting, camping, canoeing, bird watching, and enjoying the great outdoors. 

Enfield Manor B and B

In Stores


  • Menla Mountain Retreat 375 Pantherkill Rd., P.O. Box 70, Phoenicia, NY 12464 Phone: 845-688-6897 ext.0 Fax: 845-688-6895 Our soap is in all the soap dispensers, including the guest rooms, throughout the retreat.
  • Enfield Manor B and B  210 Hines Rd., Newfield, NY 14867, 518-965-3797
  • Mary Hunt House B&B 2505 Slaterville Rd., Slaterville Springs, NY 14881 607-539-6459, 917-744-7899 e mail:
  • Olga Air B n B 4 E 2nd St Coudersport, Pennsylvania 16915 (814) 260-9966 
  • Lamppost B and B 1524 Ridge Rd. Lansing, NY 14882 ** 607-351-7030
  • Supernatural Lake: wine, cottages, and live music at the Cayuga Shoreline 7930 County Rte 153, Interlaken, NY 14847 

Restaurant accommodations


  • Regional Access distribution services, delivers the local bounty to you!  607-319-5150

Do you need Ithaca Soap & LiXTiK Lip Balm on your shelves or in your guest rooms and restrooms? Contact us here. Thanks!

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Write a story about your store and / or pop-up. Why should travelers visit your town and your store? Is there fun stuff to do in your town? While they're visiting, they can visit you and shop for Ithaca Soap in person. Share it!

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Moisturize, hydrate, and nourish your lips with wonderfully luxurious

LiXTiK Beeswax Lip Balms.

Leave your lips moist and smooth for many hours. Soothes severely chapped lips.

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Three easy steps:

  1. Place all of the contents of each bag of soap in a 32 oz. bottle, or split that in 1/2 and put the soap noodles into a 16 oz. recycled pump bottle
  2. Add water.
  3. Shake.

Use. It's that simple!

LiXTiK Beeswax Lip Balm is made with premium beeswax from Upstate NY. Sooth and smooth your dry lips.


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soap and money

How much soap money does a shower cost you?

Let's say you spend $3.00 on a bar of soap and it lasts for 7 days of showers. That's $.43 per shower. 

For your next bar of soap, you spend $8.50. That seems like a lot of money, except it lasts for 8 weeks or 56 showers. That's $.15 cents per shower. F.Y.I.: One bar lasts me and Andy 6 weeks of daily showers - 84 showers.

Good soap is cost effective. More

New location at P and C Fresh in Ithaca