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The Soap Tribune, Issue #204--Memorial Day is for picnics
May 27, 2023

Farmers Market

Memorial Day weekend is a time for travel. Come to The Ithaca Farmers Market and go for a boat ride on the Cayuga Inlet out to the lake. The bird watching is fantastic.

Spinaches and Spring baby greens will soon be ending. Lettuces of all kinds, shapes, and colors will fill up the market, as groceries and in the lunch selections.

Planning a barbecue? Our farmers raise some of the most delicious meat for your grilling pleasures. Pork, beef, bison, goat, and fresh never frozen chicken. Our farmers raise happy healthy animals. It makes a difference.

Visit us in booth 6 to stock up on your soap supply. You'll need garden soap and Instant Liquid Soap to hand wash your dishes from your bbq party. Ithaca Farmers Market hours through Oct. 29, 2023, at Steamboat Landing are:

Saturdays 9-3pm Sundays 10-3pm

We are developing a nice egg following. We do not bring a whole lot of eggs to the market and we sold out last week!

What's in season in Early April in Central NYS? Click the link below to find out.

Know your farmers. Eat the food grown where you are.

Click the link below for more news and what fun events we will be at

See you there! If you can't make it, order online. Take advantage of our coupons. Read below.



Memorial Day Weekend

It's the unofficial start of Summer. You can now wear pastel colored and white clothing and be in season.

It's time to fire up the barbecue, plant your heat loving Summer garden plants, and travel a bit.

It's also University graduations around the US. In your travels, remember to support your small businesses and eat local.

Here in New England, gardeners race to put in their gardens to maximize the season.

If you can't make it, order online. Take advantage of our coupons. Read below.

Ithaca Soap

Time to plant your garden

I got some row cover to put my seedlings out early this year and I'm having great success. Row cover can raise your covered garden beds by up to 4 degrees. It doesn't sound like much but it's a huge difference when the temps dip below 40 outside of your seedlings little hoop house.

If you haven't already started your garden, it's not too late. You can pick up seedlings at your local farmers market or farm and garden supply store, and get those soon to be groceries, in the ground. Nothing is more gratifying, than picking the freshest food available right outside your kitchen.

I wear gloves when I garden. When I plant seeds, I take the gloves off and my hands may actually get dirty. I always wash my hands when I go back in the house before I do anything inside.

Our Tough Guy pumice soap is a great gardener's soap. It gently scrubs your hands, leaving them soft and clean after the work of planting your garden.

Tough Guy



Ithaca Soap

Coupons are always available for you

You can get a 25% off coupon when you write a review for a product you've purchased. The review e mail should arrive 2 weeks after your purchase. Check your e mail for the link.

All of the review, add your story, and comment submission coupons are different, so you can collect quite a few of these coupons. They do not have expiration dates and you will receive a coupon with each of the story posts.


Small Biz Rocks

It's graduation time around the US. Colleges and public school ceremonies and parties are commencing through June.

Support local businesses during your travels. Choose them first, if you have the opportunity. Small business is the backbone of any society.

Instant Liquid Soap is now at Bear Minimum Goods in Nyack, NY Scrappy's Workshop in Owego, NY

Our retailers are great places to go! Check out The Nest Egg Woodstock, NY P and C Fresh Ithaca, NY The Crooked Closet Owen, WI Lexington Real Foods Buffalo, NY Greenstar Coop Ithaca, NY

Check out our list of retail places to go and visit a new place. Stay at one of the B and B's that use our soap in their bathrooms.



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