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The Soap Tribune, Issue #055--get your sweaters ready
October 07, 2021

Get your sweaters for cooler temps

I can be a bit of a crazy knitter. I like to take a long time to knit complicated, delicate, lace weight knits, even when I can use a plain, heavier, everyday sweater. I can get lost in knitting a whole bunch of fair isle socks.

There's a certain zen that comes with hand washing special clothes, whether you knit or sewed them yourself or they are pieces you bought from another fiber artist or craftsperson. Natural fibers with or without natural dyes, require extra care in order to have a long wearing life.

Click the links below for hand washing tips for your special clothes for cooler temps.
Merino Yarn
Liquid Soap bar Concentrate

Buy in Bulk

Inflation is a topic that can make you cringe. Or you can hedge it by purchasing in bulk for less and having more as prices adjust to keep up with changing times.

Our prices have not increased in quite a while, and we have bulk pricing to alleviate the pressure that may be affecting your holiday budget.

Unfortunately we can not control shipping or supply line interruptions, but we can plan ahead.
Ithaca Soap Bars
Beeswax Lip Balm
WHS Link

Ithaca Farmers Market

As the light wanes here in the Northeast US, Archie, our adult rooster is crowing a little bit later every day.

This coincides with the Ithaca Farmers Market hours changing:

October hours remain the same: Sat. 9-3pm Sun. 10-3pm

Starting Nov. 6th, November hours change to both Sat. and Sun. 10-2pm

The last Sunday market of the year is Sun. Nov. 28th.

December market hours are Saturdays only 10-2pm

The Rutabaga Curl is Sat. Dec. 18th from 10-2

I also bought a fresh chicken (never frozen) from Just a few Acres Farm and roasted it last night. It was VERY delicious last night and I'm sure the left overs for tonight's dinner will be just as tasty.

I salt and soak the chicken before roasting, and love to be as efficient as possible when using the oven, so I also filled the oven with a few of my covered casserole dishes to roast some garden vegetables. I'll get the recipes up in the next week or so. ithaca-farmers-market.html

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