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The Soap Tribune, Issue #169--hand soap vs dish soap
January 05, 2023

hand soap vs dish soap

Both hand soap and dish soap are intended to clean but are usually not the same. Most hand soaps are some sort of gentle on skin soap, intended to clean your hands but not much else.

Most dish soaps are detergents, containing harsh, non food grade chemicals that cut through grease.

As a comparison, a dish soap gel will clean 1-3 dishes before you need to add more to your sponge. The same amount of good sudsy Castile soap will clean 5-6 dishes before you need to add more to your sponge. The soap should be gentle enough to clean the dishes and your hands at the same time.

Instant Liquid Soap


Live Kitchen Series

The Ithaca Farmers Market has moved indoors to The Triphammer Mall in Cayuga Heights. We do not attend this market.

I am almost finished processing this year's harvest so it will last us until next Spring's lettuce. How to have a live kitchen is the mind set of eating local food with the seasons. Sometimes it's a huge challenge, especially since I can just go to the grocery store. Most of the time it is the best quality food I have ever had access to.

If you want to put yourself in the live kitchen spirit, start by growing some sprouts on your kitchen counter.


Industry news

As we head into the new year, the natural products industry is looking for new and innovative products. There have been more contests and product slams than I have ever seen.

These opportunities are for businesses of all sizes, across a wide range of natural product industries. They are all looking for new and innovative...

It's so rare for these opportunities to pop up in the soap industry. I thought you would be interested in reading about we look for business to work with. Click the link below to go behind the soap curtain.

If you know anyone in a related industry who may be interested, please forward them this e mail. Thanks!!


How to clean a greasy stovetop

For me, Winter is a time for visiting, cooking, tending to the indoor garden and planning the outdoor garden.

As you can imagine, my kitchen, especially my stovetop, is constantly being cleaned.


Natural plant dyeing

I had to clean all of my dye flowers out my freezer, to make room for this year's bounty. So I made dye with my frozen flowers. Stay tuned for washing wool and cotton to get it ready to soak up all of that color that Mother Nature gives to us in plants and flowers.



Small business rocks!

Lexington Food Coop in Buffalo NY has a great selection of LiXTiK Lip Balm in both the Elmwood and Hertel stores.

Check out a local mom and pop near you.



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