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The Soap Tribune, Issue #057--Fall Harvest
October 14, 2021

Ithaca Farmers Market

My Fall harvest is excellent this year with our warm October, despite all of my gardening trials and tribulations. I am still picking tomatoes and Mexican Gerkin cucumbers every day, while the last of my Tromboncino zucchinis grow to the perfect size.

Click the link below for my Hot Pepper Paste recipe, made with roasted tomatoes and beautiful hot peppers Andy brought home from the Ithaca Farmers Market from Humble HIll Farm.

Take note that Ithaca Farmers Market hours are changing:

October hours remain the same: Sat. 9-3pm Sun. 10-3pm

Starting Nov. 6th, November hours change to both Sat. and Sun. 10-2pm

Nov. 6th Daylight savings time

The last Sunday market of the year is Sun. Nov. 28th.

December market hours are Saturdays only 10-2pm

The Rutabaga Curl is Sat. Dec. 18th from 10-2

Plant dyed yarn

I'll be honest, I'm not sure when I'll be getting more of my amazing Patagonian Merino yarn that I dye with plants. What I have on the website and in the farmers market booth, may be it for the foreseeable future.

I did plant a lot of African Marigolds from seeds that I saved and now have many thousands of seeds for dying and planting next year. The seeds make a deep purple dye and the flower petals make yellow, orange, and green dye. They grow to an astounding 3-4 feet tall and give off an odor so unpleasant that next year, I'm considering planting a deer fence of them, so my other flowers, apple trees, and my rose bush can grow freely.

Merino Yarn
Liquid Soap bar Concentrate


We ship with USPS and are not experiencing any delays. Yay!

I stay current on commodity and freight news. Commodity prices are low, but freight is very high and going up. For a short while, air freight was a way to beat sea freight prices and arrival times, if you needed something from overseas.

I am trying to get some bags printed for the Liquid Soap Refill, and it's very tricky. There are lots of delays, so paper bags are still the way to go. I keep all of my packaging business as close to home as possible. Recently I received an air freight quote from a packaging company competing for my packaging business. The air and sea freight has increased by almost 10 times!

Fed Ex is having a lot of trouble. I have a delivery that is so delayed and only 25 miles away, I stopped getting e mails with delivery updates. USP seems to be a little better.

You can hedge it by purchasing in bulk for less and getting more as prices adjust to keep up with changing times.

Our prices have not increased in quite a while, and we have bulk pricing to alleviate the pressure that may be affecting your holiday budget.

Unfortunately we can not control shipping or supply line interruptions. I am a plan ahead person and I am suggesting you do the same.
Ithaca Soap Bars
Beeswax Lip Balm
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