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The Soap Tribune, Issue #064--dry skin
November 11, 2021

Cool temperatures

We had a few mornings last week where we woke up to frost and the end for some garden plants. In the dawn, I didn't think about how cold it really was for those few morning hours, and still wore my unlined rubber gloves to do my morning litter box and chicken coop cleaning tasks, with waterless hand soap (WHS). The damp sponge made my hands a little icy the one morning it was in the upper 20's, which made my skin dry.

My hands love our Lotion Stik. It's smooth, absorbs quickly, and softens my hands in a few minutes. Click the LoSt link below to get some for yourself and everyone you know.
WHS Link
Liquid Soap bar Concentrate

Celery, celeriac, and ginger

There are a few vendors at the Ithaca Farmers Market who grow celery. It's fragrant and flavorful. Its warm, delicious perfume filled the house while it cooked in the soup pot.

We also have a few farmers with a lovely celeriac harvest. What is celeriac you ask? It's a celery variety root vegetable. I love it. It is delicious boiled, sautéed, or grated and dressed in a raw salad. It can be sliced, oiled, and baked into chips. Celeriac is a versatile and fabulous treat.

There is still ginger, at our market. Since it is popular, the harvest usually gets bought and eaten by the end of the year.

Click this link below for my apple ginger recipe.

Of course the apple selection at The Ithaca Farmers Market is spectacular.


Since shipping is out of our hands, I have adjusted our free shipping offer to keep up with the changing times.

Because you are Soap Tribune Subscribers, you have a free shipping coupon for orders of $75.00 or more.

Simply copy and paste the coupon code in the shopping cart. This is the code "freeshippingtribune"

I apologize for this extra step in the checkout process.

I've been reading about shipping rates going up in Dec and January.
Ithaca Soap

Ithaca farmers Market

Andy has decided that he is only going to Saturday markets. He will be in Booth 6 from 10-2 on Saturdays only through Dec. 18th.

Take note that Ithaca Farmers Market hours changed:

November hours change to both Sat. and Sun. 10-2pm

The last Sunday market of the year is Sun. Nov. 28th.

December market hours are Saturdays only 10-2pm

The Rutabaga Curl is Sat. Dec. 18th from 10-2

Lip Balm is still the best hair conditioner

I did some more hair conditioner experiments. For a few weeks, I went back to plain olive oil after hair washing using the same technique as the lip balm. Then I had a very busy week and didn't condition my hair at all. After that I returned to hair washing and using LiXTiK as hair conditioner. Once again, I like the lip balm the best.

Click the link below to read more
Beeswax Lip Balm

Enjoy the fall with a day trip!

I love going for a drive this time of year. The fall colors in New York State are still to be seen, and the air is crisp and refreshing. I'm not a big fan of giant highways, but if you're driving up the Hudson River, on the Taconic Parkway, stop in the Todd Hill Taste NY Store one mile south of Route 55.

They have a lovely selection of ready to eat and packaged NYS farm fresh food. LiXTiK Lip Balm is right at the checkout.
Taste NY Todd Hill


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