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The Soap Tribune, Issue #100--What is soap made of
March 24, 2022

Spring Tonic

Andy's father used to call fresh picked dandelion greens, picked at the right moment before the flower buds begin to form, a Spring tonic.

If you have a natural lawn, free from pesticides, you may want to indulge. Or get some farm fresh Spring baby greens and enjoy a delicious salad and ferment the rest.

Grow your own or get to know a farmer.


Sourdough Bread

Who started making sourdough bread?

I'm obsessed. And I love the rhythm of it all. It really blends well with the chickens' schedule.

Click the link to read about how to get your starter started and collect your tools to begin the sourdough bread baking journey

How's it going with your sourdough bread baking journey??



Liquid Soap bar Concentrate

April 2 is opening day at Ithaca Farmers Market

Next week!!!

Ithaca Farmers Market Opening Day is Saturday April 2nd from 9-2pm Come visit us in booth 6 in-between Macro Mama and Waid's Honey

Get a lot of Spring greens. They are good for you and sooo versatile. I fermented them, made stuffed mixed gluten-free sourdough bread buns, soup with turkey stock, and quiche. Recipes to come.

If you haven't been, you are in for a treat. We are a cooperative market with close to 150 small businesses, all growing, cooking, producing, right here in the Finger Lakes of Central NY.

Plan your next trip to visit us on Opening Day.


Shop at small business

I say this a lot. Small business is the life force of every community.

Lexington Coop is a vibrant community coop in Buffalo, NY Check it out.

Owego Chiropractic is still having their Annual Spring Soap Sale. Waterless Hand Soap 3 for $10.00

Owego Chiropractic

Buckley Farm Store



What is natural Hand Soap made of

Did you ever wonder?

Ithaca Soap Bars




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