Beard and Body Soap

In the case of natural beard soap, your beard and body soap can be the same. 

Beards are exposed to more than just the elements. Air, dust, perfumes, indoor and outdoor fumes from cooking, car exhaust, HVAC systems, cleaning solutions, camp fires, and smells of all kinds love to stick to hair and sink in. Unlike the hair on your head, beards are also subject to everything you eat, drink and smoke (if you do such a thing).

Crumbs from bread and cookies, drips from sodas, coffee, cocktails and even water, and any food that touches your beard, may easily wipe off and look ok, but it all leaves a residue, sometimes sticky, with a corresponding smell. This needs to be cleaned off, sometimes more often than the hair on top of your head.


Natural bar soap works very well for washing beards and for shaving them off. As you can see in the photo above, Andy can speak very well to beard and body soap being the same bar of soap.

The best beard and body soap produces a thick creamy lather that will manage thick beard hair, while conditioning the hair and your facial skin underneath at the same time. You want to take care in choosing the right beard and body bar soap, so your tender skin underneath that protective beard, benefits as well.

Beard and body bar soap is easy to apply to your beard. Continue reading below for instructions on how to wash a beard with bar soap.

How much soap money does a shower cost you?

Let's say you spend $6.00 on a bar of soap and it lasts for 7 days of showers. That's $.84 per shower. 

For your next bar of soap, you spend $10.00. That seems like a lot of money, except it lasts for 8 weeks or 56 showers. That's $.18 cents per shower. F.Y.I.: One bar lasts me and Andy 6 weeks of daily showers - 84 showers. That's $.12 a shower.

Good soap is cost effective. More


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Wash your beard and body with bar soap

Here is easiest and the most thorough method for how to wash a beard with body bar soap. 

  1. Remove twigs and shake out excess debris.
  2. Step into the shower or bath or lean over the sink.
  3. Get your beard thoroughly wet.
  4. Pick up a dry bar of soap, and rub a few strokes of soap on your cheeks and under your chin. If you have a long beard continue rubbing a few more strokes of soap down to the beard tips. 
  5. Splash a bit more water on top of the soap you just applied.
  6. With your hands, vigorously rub your cheeks, under your chin and the beard itself to create a big thick lather.
  7. Use your fingertips to scrub the skin underneath your beard on your face and neck.
  8. Rinse thoroughly from earlobes to the point of your chin. Especially rinse well under your chin.
  9. Repeat as many times as necessary, in case your beard is very dirty. 
  10. Good natural soap for beard washing should create a big lather. If the lather goes away quickly, this could mean one of a few things. Your beard could be very dirty and needs more soap. Good natural bar soap lather has the function of collecting excess oil, dirt and debris. If the lather fills up, the suds disappear. In this case, rinse and wash again until your beard is squeaky clean.

Beards tend to have more wiry hair than head hair. We recommend using a coconut oil bar of soap for your beard, and Olive Oil Shampoo Bar for your hair.

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Choose your beard and body soap wisely

Choose your natural beard soap for men wisely. Thick sudsy lather performs the critical function of collecting  all of the excess oil and dirt, while sufficiently moisturizing the skin underneath. A natural aroma is best, since a beard is directly underneath your nose, and you will be smelling it all of the time. There is no escape from the aroma. Lastly, you want your beard to be soft after you washed it. A soft beard is comfortable on your face and for your loved ones.

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Best beard soap and conditioner


Since beard hair is different than head hair, conditioning needs are also different. Generally a good coconut oil bar of soap, like Ithaca Soap, will also condition your beard. 

Occasionally you may want to apply a tiny amount of conditioner. LiXTiK Lip Balm is the perfect beard conditioner. Use less than you would on your lips, unless your beard is long or BIG. Then you may want to use the same amount of LiXTiK Lip Balm as you would on your lips. Use the same application method as the best long hair conditioner, described here.

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Good, all natural bar soap is an essential as a whole body soap wash. It's economical, luxurious, and effective. When selecting a bar of soap, look for simple ingredients with pleasing essential oil aromas and lots of sudsy lather. Sudsing all the way down to a sliver, over 3-4 months of daily use, is key in good bar soap. Try Ithaca Soap   

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