How to Deep Clean the House

How to deep clean the house using natural cleaning methods?

Let's get started on your zero waste house cleaning journey, with all natural hand soap. It is totally possible with a few simple tools and methods. Make your house fresh and clean, while producing little to no garbage.

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  1. Tear open pouch at notch
  2. Fill pouch with water to top of label. Gently stir.
  3. Pour into a reused plastic bottle. Use.

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How to deep clean the house with a few tools

You can clean everything in your house with Instant Liquid Soap, a few linen rags, sponges, a spray bottle filled with Instant Liquid Soap diluted to different strengths for different cleaning tasks, a mop and mop bucket, lint brush, and a vacuum.

For hand washing laundry and making laundry soap, click here.

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Spring House Cleaning

There's something cleansing about Spring house cleaning. The sun changes, the air smells fresh, the plants start to grow, the chickens want to sit on and hatch babies, everyone is starting seeds and ready to dig in the garden.

I feel like I tip my house upside down and give it a good shake. Everything falls out, and I select what I'd like to bring back inside, after every surface has been dusted, mopped, and wiped down with soap and water. It's a fresh start after the house has been closed up all Winter, although I do regularly open the windows to let fresh air in throughout the Winter.

I go through all of my hand knit sweaters, and hand wash them. I wash all of the blankets, winter coats and jackets, with old fashioned laundry soap made with the Instant Liquid Soap.

It's all getting freshened up to be put away for warmer months. Then in the Autumn they can be pulled back out, fresh and clean, ready to keep us comfortable as the leaves fall from the trees.

I wash all of the boots and shoes with soap and water, and clean up the mudroom and the shoe area. Everything needs to be fresh for the Spring bloom.

hanging laundry coverallsLaundry hanging in the sun, washed with old fashioned laundry soap made from Instant Liquid Soap.
Raya's Alpaca sweater washingAlpaca yarn knit sweater washing in Instant Liquid Soap


When I dilute the soap to the Go Soap ratio (see below), I put it in a spray bottle. As it is, it's great for counter tops.

For dusting, I get a damp dust cloth, and spray a little bit on that for dusting, washing the walls, shelves, tables, desk, printer, computer. 

Go Soap (aka Waterless Hand Soap) dilute ratio

We have renamed Waterless Hand Soap to Go Soap.

You have an empty Waterless Hand Soap 2 oz. spray bottle and want to refill it. Make a Go Soap refill. 

Dilute one bag of Instant Liquid Soap into one quart of liquid soap (32 oz.).

Follow the instructions on the package.

Pour 1/2 of the quart of liquid hand soap (16 oz.) into a one gallon container and fill it SLOWLY with water. This makes 1 gallon of Go Soap, aka waterless hand soap, that you use as hand sanitizer replacement and general cleaner.

Refill an empty spray bottle to use on everything. Click here for more uses  

Deep cleaning the house means everything

Move the furniture, empty the drawers, roll up the rugs, get the attic and the basement corners. How to deep clean the house, means all of it.

Mop the floors

Fill your mop bucket to half full. In my mop bucket, that's about 2 gallons of water. Put in about 1/2 teaspoon of diluted full strength, Instant Liquid Soap.

Vacuum. Mop and let dry. When the water gets visibly cloudy and grey, it's full of grime and needs to be replaced. I dump my "grey water" into the toilet and continue on with my floor mopping with fresh water.

mop bucket
mopped bathroom floor

Wash your windows

I would like to wash my windows twice a year. Once in the Spring, when I put on the screens and again in the Fall when I remove the screens.

I use my handy spray bottle with Go Soap in it, the mop bucket filled with clean water for rinsing, and a rag.

Washing windows is easy. Submerge your rag into the clean water and spray soap on it. Wash the windows. I wipe up and down until all of the dirt is cleaned up and the soap evaporates.

Get the window sills, corners and window jams. 

I take the screens outside, and brush them to get the dust off, before I wipe them down with soap and water. Let them dry, preferable in a sunny spot and then put them away until Spring.

In the photo below, my front door window was pretty dirty, so I sprayed directly on that one and scrubbed it til all the grime was on my rag and the window sparkly. 

spray bottle and linen rag
window washing

How to clean a couch

Most people have a couch or 2 in their homes. Cleaning a couch is a worthy task. 

Whether you have a few crumbs or the toughest of stains, cleaning your couch can brighten up your home. 

Click here for tips on how to get your sofa clean, so it looks as good as new. 

Clean paintings

Cleaning acrylic or oil paintings is a simple task. They hang on your walls and collect dust. Fill your mop bucket with 1 gallon of water and add about 1 tablespoon of Instant Liquid Soap already diluted to Go Soap. 

Submerge your dust rag in the soapy water and ring it out well, so it is damp. Gently wipe down the paintings and the frames. Rinse, wring out to damp and repeat.

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